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Monday, September 13, 2010

rumah tokoh pelajar ADDMATHS..Firdaus Zaidi a.k.a pidah..

after ckgu's house..we decided to take a walk to pidah's house..well..its quite close from ckgu's house..ok..a little bit far..ok..quite far maybe..SHUT UP! it IS FAR!! lucky of us when the boys got the the process mengangkut...once all of us there..i noticed that the girls are missing..ohh..they at the kembar's house..never mind..then..payed came with a sigh "aku tkut la pesa bwk muto..supo ore gilo"... all of us agreed!!! he dont even have the license!!!...kau mmg gile la pesa wei!! stayed there for about 2 or 3 hours maybe..we ate soto..cocktail..watermelon juice!! yummy! then..imul+kemey+payed+capi+pesa had to make their move first..ho ho ho..salam2..they pun is only me..pidah..cerah..and aidid..we continued our eating session before mama cerah came to pick us up..haha..u know mama cerah? she lost! called cerah..n cerah said "mama kecek nga pidah ah"..after a long chat through the phone..this is what pidah said "aku x ajim pom tubek rumoh..xknal lasum rumoh hk mk mg tyo aku skni cerah" decided to walk to ckgu mazinah's last..we all went to bibik's house.. =)

rumah Teacher Faziawati..

fuh!!! the night before..yeah..totally crazy..cuz pidah & aidid want to go with me..but not to tchr's NA's house! pidah said "aidid..aku gi umoh mg kul 8..pah kito gi umoh bob deh"..eight o'clock? pidah...i know that u are obsessed with number..but 8o'clock??? kau nk makan mangkuk?? i told cerah..then cerah called na..this is what na said "eh buuuciiippp...jgey mari laaa pkul 8...aku x bgun laaagiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!"...crazy huh? then..we criss-cross our phone line..u called me..i called u..u called she..she bla bla bla..end of credits!!!!! so.......decided to go to tcher's 10..normal la kalu kul spuloh gak...then..reached there..eating2..chatting2..with intan, emi, imul, capi, pesa, payed, keyo, qayum, kemey,..huhuh..missed them a lot!! i ate sate..kuah gileeee!!! poor emi..she wanted to go to her mama-in-law's house..but with whom? sabar emi..key jupo doh..hehehe.. then sumthing crossed my mind! where is CERAH?? aidid n pidah called him hundreds of time! then at last..he picked up the phone.."aku on the way doh ni.." 12!!....heheeh..then2..i got a very gud advice from teacher...oh teacher..i love u lahhh...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

soo soory cantik menawan... =(

huhuhuhu...sad2..i'm supposed to go to MIMI's house today 12sept..for celebrating raya2 and for the wedding..hey...who's getting married?? i dont know though..huhu..and after MIMI's house..i'm supposed to go to tam2's house...but.. i cannnnnott make it dear!!! huuuuuuuuu...soooo up at 12.30 ibu's gone....where is she?????????...huuhuhu...called my capi n aj to tell them that i cannot go..huhuhu...soo sory u guys..i wish i can go..and for the bike already?? if u go there...please..send my best regards to mimi and tam2...luv u..
Mimi Adlina =)
Nurul Ainaa ^_^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

rumah Elli Liliana Aishah...Tengku Aidid's wife to be..hehe

from the husband's house..called ibu..and go to the shorty's house...called shorty.."elli..tubek arh..malu ni.."... =).. then step through the gate..met her mom...her mom said "ohh bob..msuk bob..masuk..bob gi  straight...kona kaney..msuk pintu..elli duk goreng dapur"...fuuuuuuu..thanks shorty's mom..(malu2 feeling is gone)..step through the bar door (if u go to the house..u'll know what i mean)..found the bobby..snap out of this dream!! Elli Liliana not an equation!! she asked me to try the shrimps..i took one and...i wanna ask her actually.."is this poisonous?"..heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....once its in my mouth..once again...Elli Liliana not another equation!!!..then i took a seat..grab a plate..and eat kuah kacang with nasi impit..yum2!! then...i saw sumone with baju pagoda..zipped at the chest..with kain pelikat..heh? shorty's dad?...salam2..he sat beside me..and kept asking me a pile of questions..sooooooooooo friendly...heheh..but one thing he kept saying that made me wanna say" more"...he kept saying.."bob..tamboh lagi..bkpo makey sikit tu...nih..amik aye nih..mano lauk nyo..tamboh2..amik la lagi.." heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...i'm full uncle! i'm from ur son-in-law's house!!..then shorty said" bob makey sikit??..ehs..bukey bob tuh" father like daughter!! but them so much!!
then..sumone with very stunning red dress appeared!! fuh!!! that is FATIMAH STEINWEG..fuh...her face!!! her face!!! her faaaaceeee!!!!! damn gojes!!! but named Fatimah? erm..heh..whatver la kak timah..hehehe..
nuyu tam2 reached with her ayong..ayong pretty..tam2 not so..hehehehe...chitchating for 15 minutes before my ustaz and tayam arrived..faisal..n afiq...go straight to the kitchen..n...i had my second shift of having meal at that house..well..OPEN HOUSE key...hehehe..then...alif..nabil..n yan arrived..we chitchatchitchatchitchatchitchat...shootshootshootshootshootshootshoot coookiesssss...n well...GOSSIPPING...hehehe..i went home at 6 sumthing...i usik2 kakak chah..hehehe..missed her..
ok..that's it...2 house in a row..full!!!!! =)

rumah Tengku Aidid Shah DK6 11 September 2010

so hot! got up in the morning..dash to the bathroom..forgot the towel..out again..find the towel..take 15 minutes to search for it! boys will always be boys!..hehehe...rush-bath..singing lagu scold for making such a fuss in the toilet..i said "sooooooooooo?"...i dont know who scold me that morning (12.30 p.m)..texting pidah..he said he had been waiting for me for about 15 minutes! under the sunshine! at the corner of Tengku's house! soooooooooo sory pidah..i forgot!!! what more can i say..screaming at the top of my voice "ibuuuu...ata yu gi umoh aidid jap" charming..(kung kang kung kong) arrived at Tengku's house..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...ocean..OCEANS of people!! well hellloooow bobby...he is a TENGKU ok!..yeah2..and me with pidah waiting outside of Tengku's house...waiting for the royal highness to come out..(kitorg malu nk msuk)...waiting under the cloudless sky..fuh! soooo hot babeh! for 20 minutes waiting..and waiting..and waiting..HOLD THE HELL ON!!! i cant stand it anymore...gathered my courage..with pidah behind me..walking into the big big house..i saw sumone walking out..not Tengku..i..politely said "salam...selamat ari rayo..aidid ado?"...pidah is laughing! damn u pidah! the man said "ado2..naek ah"...heeeeeeeee...maluuuuuuu...we still wait for the king to come last..he did..and u know what he said "lamo doh sapa?"...U R TO BE KILLED AIDID!!! many people inside the ask us to come in through the back door..funny huh? heee..we came in..salam2 with his aunts,uncles, mom..n dad..n go straight into his room..waiting for the guests to be gone (grammar?)...waiting for about 1/2 hour..we came out from king's bilik peraduan..n start eating..i ate nasi dagang...shoooot!!! superb!!! a currypuff and 2glasses of water...n watching tv...Sifu n Tongga..hmm..whatever la aidid..then..i had to make my move..cuz i need to go to aidid's wife's house...wanna know????? wait2 aa....