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Monday, September 13, 2010

rumah tokoh pelajar ADDMATHS..Firdaus Zaidi a.k.a pidah..

after ckgu's house..we decided to take a walk to pidah's house..well..its quite close from ckgu's house..ok..a little bit far..ok..quite far maybe..SHUT UP! it IS FAR!! lucky of us when the boys got the the process mengangkut...once all of us there..i noticed that the girls are missing..ohh..they at the kembar's house..never mind..then..payed came with a sigh "aku tkut la pesa bwk muto..supo ore gilo"... all of us agreed!!! he dont even have the license!!!...kau mmg gile la pesa wei!! stayed there for about 2 or 3 hours maybe..we ate soto..cocktail..watermelon juice!! yummy! then..imul+kemey+payed+capi+pesa had to make their move first..ho ho ho..salam2..they pun is only me..pidah..cerah..and aidid..we continued our eating session before mama cerah came to pick us up..haha..u know mama cerah? she lost! called cerah..n cerah said "mama kecek nga pidah ah"..after a long chat through the phone..this is what pidah said "aku x ajim pom tubek rumoh..xknal lasum rumoh hk mk mg tyo aku skni cerah" decided to walk to ckgu mazinah's last..we all went to bibik's house.. =)


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