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Saturday, September 11, 2010

rumah Elli Liliana Aishah...Tengku Aidid's wife to be..hehe

from the husband's house..called ibu..and go to the shorty's house...called shorty.."elli..tubek arh..malu ni.."... =).. then step through the gate..met her mom...her mom said "ohh bob..msuk bob..masuk..bob gi  straight...kona kaney..msuk pintu..elli duk goreng dapur"...fuuuuuuu..thanks shorty's mom..(malu2 feeling is gone)..step through the bar door (if u go to the house..u'll know what i mean)..found the bobby..snap out of this dream!! Elli Liliana not an equation!! she asked me to try the shrimps..i took one and...i wanna ask her actually.."is this poisonous?"..heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....once its in my mouth..once again...Elli Liliana not another equation!!!..then i took a seat..grab a plate..and eat kuah kacang with nasi impit..yum2!! then...i saw sumone with baju pagoda..zipped at the chest..with kain pelikat..heh? shorty's dad?...salam2..he sat beside me..and kept asking me a pile of questions..sooooooooooo friendly...heheh..but one thing he kept saying that made me wanna say" more"...he kept saying.."bob..tamboh lagi..bkpo makey sikit tu...nih..amik aye nih..mano lauk nyo..tamboh2..amik la lagi.." heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...i'm full uncle! i'm from ur son-in-law's house!!..then shorty said" bob makey sikit??..ehs..bukey bob tuh" father like daughter!! but them so much!!
then..sumone with very stunning red dress appeared!! fuh!!! that is FATIMAH STEINWEG..fuh...her face!!! her face!!! her faaaaceeee!!!!! damn gojes!!! but named Fatimah? erm..heh..whatver la kak timah..hehehe..
nuyu tam2 reached with her ayong..ayong pretty..tam2 not so..hehehehe...chitchating for 15 minutes before my ustaz and tayam arrived..faisal..n afiq...go straight to the kitchen..n...i had my second shift of having meal at that house..well..OPEN HOUSE key...hehehe..then...alif..nabil..n yan arrived..we chitchatchitchatchitchatchitchat...shootshootshootshootshootshootshoot coookiesssss...n well...GOSSIPPING...hehehe..i went home at 6 sumthing...i usik2 kakak chah..hehehe..missed her..
ok..that's it...2 house in a row..full!!!!! =)


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